Parents’ Contact with school throughout the year


Autumn term

Early to mid-September                           Parents’ Curriculum Evening

November                                                     Y1 – Y6 Parent & child Maths workshop.

                                       Reception Parents’ Phonics Workshop.

                                               Reception parents share Learning Journals

                               Reception parents – Next Steps ①

Spring Term

2nd Week of January                                  Open Week

3rd Week of January                                   Parent Consultations


                                        Reception Parents’ Reading Workshop

                                       Reception Parents’ Writing Workshop

                                 Reception parents – Next Steps ②


After half term (Feb)                                  Y4 Parents Holmbury Meeting

                    Y5 Parents Cobnor Meeting


End of March                                                 Y1 – Y6 School Reports

                                 Reception parents – Next Steps ③

Summer Term

 June                                                                New Reception parents evening & afternoons.

                    Y6 Parents Bowles Meeting


Mid June                                                         Parent Consultations 



End of term                                                    Sats (Y2 & Y6) results sent to parents

                                 Y1 Phonics results sent to parents

            Y1 – Y6 School Reports

                                Reception Annual School Reports

                              Attendance data sent to parents


Parents can also attend Drop and Stop (Tues) 9:00am in the staffroom or Cake and Take 2:30pm (Thurs) in the staffroom. This is an opportunity to speak to senior members of staff and take place once a month (Tuesday one month and Thursday the next). In addition to all the above contact times, parents with any concerns or questions can make an appointment through the office to see their child’s class teacher at a mutually agreeable time.