A child may require extra support as a result of emotional or behavioural problems, a physical disability, medical or health problems, difficulties with speech and language, a sensory impairment, general difficulties with school work or low self esteem. Some children have a combination of these.

We aim to identify children with special educational needs as early as possible so they can be actively involved in their work and experience success.

We support and encourage independent learning and positive self-esteem and involve children, parents and teachers in a productive working partnership. Children follow an Individual Education Plan (IEP) devised by the class teacher and SENCO. Children are supported individually or in small groups by a teacher or teaching assistant.

We make full use of services available from the Special Needs Support Service, Educational Psychologist and Health & Social Services.

From September 2014 every Local Authority will be required to publish information about available services both in and outside West Sussex for children and young people from birth to 25 who have special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).  This will be know as the 'Local Offer'.  For more information on this, please follow the link below.


SENCO - Stephanie Barnes - 01273 462688